Beer got me here!

Meant to be an experience with every sip, craft coffee is a perfect parallel with any craft beverage, especially craft beer! This is how it all started when I realized how close both drinks were when it came to how you dissect flavors and aromas. The subtleties of craft coffee largely depend on each person’s ability to recognize those flavors, but let’s be honest here, a great coffee is a great coffee!

We buy directly from the Perdido Farm in Nicaragua, which blew us away with its fantastic coffee. We also chase new flavors from around the world through Mountain Coffee, along with special offers from new farms across the globe.

What about tea? Busted! We do love a great cup of tea! This is why we also carry an extensive array of flavorful teas from Pluck and Tea Squared, assembled in Toronto, ON.

Thank you for visiting Railside Roastery. You will find the experience enjoyable and, more importantly, flavorful.

Mario Bourgeois