Hey There! I'm passionate about everything business especially startups. Back in 2012 when me and my partners decided to open Cassel Brewery the idea of roasting coffee was already somewhere in my head. I had home brewing friends (Hey Alan and Steve!) who were roasting at home and selling to people they knew including me. After my first cup of their coffee I realized the amazing parallel between craft beer and craft coffee. Both gets you to analyze the flavors nuances and both provide a great beverage experience. There is so many great coffee and just as much as delicious beers all over the world.

You can travel and experience both all the time.

I never been interested in mass produce brands out there since I find so much joy in trying what artisans have to offer.

In 2017, I decided to follow the same path that got me into brewing beer which is to buy a book on how to roast coffee, buy myself a roaster and start learning how its done. Roasting coffee is much easier than brewing beer in terms of the process in itself but there is just as much to learn about how to roast the best coffee as there is to brew the best beer. To this day, I still have a lot to learn and after having my coffee out there for over a year I'm confident in the experience I can offer and it will only get better from here.

I started with a 1kg Topper and quickly realized how much it was to stay on top of the sales. I decided to sell this small roaster and get a 5kg Topper which I feel will need to be upgraded fairly soon!

Along with my web development experience I'm happy to open my doors to the world with my coffee with my online store. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts as I always welcome constructive and appreciation comments.


Mario Bourgeois