Looking for a high potential business opportunity?

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I started Railside Roastery - La Brûlerie du Chemin de Fer over 2 years ago hopeful I would have more time to dedicate to it and get it from startup mode to full on business. It just didn't turn out that way. I have to dedicate more time to my already growing businesses and I feel this one should be in the hands of someone else looking to get into this beautiful industry of craft coffee.

At this point I have no financial data to back the profitability potential but I know it is easily attainable with motivation and dedication just like any other business.

The perfect candidate has to be willing to put all time and energy to make it work like any other business. This ain't no get rich quick business.

The sale of the business includes everything you need to get started :

  • Beautiful branding
  • Packaging
  • Railside Roastery Inc. Federally registered corporation
  • 5kg Natural Gas Toper Roaster
  • Commercial coffee grinder
  • Bag sealer
  • Green bean inventory
  • Branded tumblers
  • Branded coffee cups
  • Full online website with online store
  • Branded Facebook page
  • Awesome green bean supplier who travels the world for the best coffee
  • Reach.me registered for major grocery store distribution

I will also be there to support you in the first year with general business guidance and also train you on the roaster. Until you find a place of your own I can rent you some space in our building.

My brewery (Cassel) requires coffee for its stout so you have a client right away.

The most interesting aspect of this opportunity is that once the deal is signed you start right away.

If you are interested in knowing more please contact me at mario@railsideroastery.com Share your vision and ambition toward this business and why it would be a good fit for you.